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  • iOS Photography Post Workflow – screen cast

    RWDevCon Swag

    screen cast of my iOS photography post workflow

  • post process – from camera to iPhone to Mac

    One of the awesome features of the Sony A7R II is WiFi - I can connect my iPhone to the camera and download images right away. So I actually have two different Post workflows. I download some photos right after taking them onto my iPhone and process them in Photoshop Express for iOS. It's actually an amazingly powerful app. Lightroom for iOS has great features but is still way too laggy to be part of my normal workflow. The vast majority I download later on my old Mac Pro and process in Lightroom. I have two older Apple Cinema displays and a Cintiq 24HD, I color calibrate all of them with a Spyder from DataColor.

    One of the awesome features of the Sony A7R II is WiFi – I can connect my iPhone to the camera and download images right away. So I actually have two different Post workflows.

  • my best shot


    The day I got my DSLR, many years ago, I took a bunch of test shots having no clue what I was doing.  One of those shots I have always considered my best photo, ever, even though it was totally random and lucky.  As of yesterday, that shot has been replaced as my favorite shot […]

  • iOS rapid #photog workflow

    rule of thirds

    I don’t always lug my DSLR around with me, but I almost always have my old iPhone 4S on hand.  I’ve often commented at how amazed I am by the image quality from such an antiquated mobile device.  Recently a friend was asking how I got my images to come out so great from the iPhone, […]

  • prototyping resources

    Invision prototype

    Quick list of some interactive prototyping resources useful for iOS and other platforms:   Invision (really easy & fast to use, let’s you deploy to both phones and web site) Flinto Pixate Design+Code (if you’re a Designer you can still prototype right from Xcode using Storyboards…let Meng To show you how)  

  • this week’s iOS related resources

    tools of the trade

    This week’s resources relate to putting together your UI in Interface Builder – Auto Layout, Adaptive Layout, Size Classes, Dynamic Text, and mastering the Interface Builder IDE.  Additionally, we touched on architectural design patterns (MVC, MVVM, etc.).  Finally, most of my students are starting to struggle with networking via the AFNetworking library, and using Objective-C […]

  • Apple’s Official Hamburger Menu iOS control – iOS 9 beta 0.9

    iOS Hamburger Menu

    there are some strange factors that come into UXD it seems,

  • Why I think my next (non-iPhone) camera will be a Fuji

    fuji x100s

    I currently shoot with a Canon 5D Mark I with a 50mm 1.2L (and occasionally a 35 mm 1.4L).  My other camera of choice and convenience is an iPhone 4S.  I’m actually frequently amazed at just how good shots I can get with such an old iPhone camera…I can’t wait to upgrade to the iPhone […]

  • Videography on iPhone 6 plus

    iphone 6 plus optical stabilization

    If I were a pro video guy I would go out and get an iPhone 6 plus for no reason mother than the mind blowing video capabilities on this thing. Optical image stabilization?!? Yeah the lens actually moves. Here’s an article about an App for pro 4K production on iPhone: Hands-on with the $1000 Vizzywig […]

  • a different approach

    Apple UX: Continuity

    so microsoft’s strategy has been, ‘one OS for ALL devices’ Apple’s strategy is, ‘one, seamless, continuous experience across ALL devices’. It might sound like a subtle difference at first glance, but it’s a universe of a difference.  Microsoft demands the user make the same OS work no matter what device you’re on, so we find […]