waves lap    footprints in the sand
the silver crescent    emerges

Fuad Kamal

Compassion, excellence, and self improvement are the things I strive for. I am a cyclist, martial artist, photographer, poet, author. I am a scientist, professor, software developer, and an entrepreneur. Odds are you’ve interacted with my work on countless occasions. I believe we are all swords tempered in the fire of this world to remove the impurities and bring out our best qualities.

I enjoy brewing single origin coffee in a simple mocha pot.

What I’m doing with my life is

Building relationships, developing partnerships, writing, reading, reflecting, teaching, and thinking about ways I can improve the lives of my fellow human beings.

Current professional roles:

  • Book Author @ Kodeco (currently on three book teams)
  • Video Team @ Kodeco
  • Android Article Team @ Kodeco (Author, Tech Editor)
  • Adjunct Professor, Mobile & Web @ Howard Community College
  • Official photographer for various mobile tech conferences

Current projects:

  • writing a movie script
  • working on two brand new Android books

I’m really good at

Learning new skills quickly. Focusing on a single thing, diving deep and completing a task with attention to detail.

Six things I could never do without

A finely tuned road bike that fits me like a glove. My glasses. A clean, sanitary environment. My intellect & sanity. My journal. Quality single origin coffee.

I spend a lot of time thinking about

How I can improve myself.

My friends would describe me as

As a friend Fuad is loving, generous, trustworthy and brutally honest! ❤️🤗

quote from my best friend

Random facts:

  • I have uncanny control over my heart rate. My resting heart ❤️ rate is 44 bpm, but easily drops below 40 during dhikr 📿
  • next time you’re checking a flight ✈️ time at an airport, you’ll know who made the interface you’re staring at 😁
  • I taught Anatomy & Physiology to nursing students, without having ever taken an anatomy course in my life. 😅
  • I’ve trained in a number of martial arts over the years – it’s been one of my core passions since my earliest years. 🥋 In college I trained in Taekwondo with the U.S. National champion, then after undergrad I trained with the U.S. Olympic team coach. I’ve been studying Iaido under Doshu Shiro Shintaku since 2011. The martial spirit permeates everything I do and every aspect of my life.


This site is my personal blog.  Other sites of interest:

My company: Anaara LLC

My cycling team: Team Velocipede

*All opinions, views, and anything else expressed on this site are expressly my own opinion and do not necessarily reflect the views of my company, associates, or any other parties.

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