do what you love

Fuad Kamal January 8, 2014 1
do what you love

figure out what you enjoy and do that.  If money is what motivates you start planning for a miserable life.

When you start trying to do what you think you enjoy, you are bound to come across many, many barriers.  Some of those will seem insurmountable.

The key is, to realize the barriers are actually just in your head.  Once you realize everything is an illusion, you can move forward not only with ease, but with calmness in your heart.

If you can’t get past the illusions, go back to the step where you plan for a miserable life.

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  1. Asaad Khattab February 6, 2014 at 10:59 pm -

    Two years ago, you advised me that I have to do what I love. Till this day, I take a step back and ask myself do I really enjoy studying Biology.
    Thank You,

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