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  • What I’m reading this week…

    What I’m reading this week…

    A quick list of what I’m reading this week: The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms v1.8 by Philip Morgan Just F#*!ING Ship by Amy Hoy RXSwift Reactive Programming with Swift by Florent Pillet et al audiobook version of Rework by Jason Fried , David Heinemeier Hansson On order: hardcover edition of in camera by Gordon Laing

  • An Open Letter to

    An Open Letter to

    Dear, I spent many hours in the mall in Columbia, Maryland, this weekend, trying to buy a pair of prescription eyeglasses. I started with the Oakley store, where I picked out the frames I wanted. I had actually decided from your web site which frames I wanted, but the Oakley store didn’t carry those…

  • Consulting – The Business Side of Software Development

    Consulting  – The Business Side of Software Development

    Back in January of this year I finally signed up for Brennan Dunn’s DYFC Masterclass.  I say finally because I had it in my mind to do so, for several years now, ever since my colleague Joel Hooks gave an overwhelming testimonial for it.  When I signed up, I got DYFR for free, along with a ton…

  • What I’m listening to, now

    What I’m listening to, now

    When I was driving back and forth every week from Maryland to Atlanta I would listen to a slew of podcasts and audio books.  Most of the podcasts were related to iOS, a platform I’m quite passionate about.

  • Podcasts I’m currently listening to

    Podcasts I’m currently listening to

    I previously posted a couple of times what podcasts I was listening to.  Back then, I was driving up and down the East coast every weekend between Maryland and Atlanta, so I had a lot of time to listen.  Now, my commute time is much less, thankfully.  That also means I spend less time listening…

  • Google / Alphabet easter egg

    Google / Alphabet easter egg

    My coworker just found a neat easter egg on the new Google Company, Alphabet go to and search for the word “drone” Sergey and I are seriously in the business of starting new things. Alphabet will also include our X lab, which incubates new efforts like Wing, our drone delivery effort. at the end…

  • a different approach

    a different approach

    so microsoft’s strategy has been, ‘one OS for ALL devices’ Apple’s strategy is, ‘one, seamless, continuous experience across ALL devices’. It might sound like a subtle difference at first glance, but it’s a universe of a difference.  Microsoft demands the user make the same OS work no matter what device you’re on, so we find…

  • my first commercial license sale on 500px

    my first commercial license sale on 500px

    I just made my first commercial license sale on 500px.  

  • “Dear hiring manager…”

    “Dear hiring manager…”

    It’s sad that I actually find the need to write letters like this:

  • do what you love

    do what you love

    figure out what you enjoy and do that.  If money is what motivates you start planning for a miserable life. When you start trying to do what you think you enjoy, you are bound to come across many, many barriers.  Some of those will seem insurmountable. The key is, to realize the barriers are actually…