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  • Emotional Intelligence in the Quran – Surah Kahf

    Emotional Intelligence in the Quran – Surah Kahf

    Emotional intelligence involves listening to someone, and really hearing them. That entails listening without passing judgement, and without having to be right. It also means listening and just hearing, not responding or trying to provide solutions. If we are trying to learn from someone, it also means having a degree of trust in our teacher.…

  • Green birds beneath the Throne

    Green birds beneath the Throne

    I keep wanting to say things to youI keep wanting to share things with youI keep forgetting that you are goneI’m dreaming about youI’m thinking about how beautiful you’ll beWith your hair long and dark and curly like that, the curls that twist about in my fingers and bouncing aroundYour smiling eyes like those days…

  • What I’m listening to, now

    What I’m listening to, now

    When I was driving back and forth every week from Maryland to Atlanta I would listen to a slew of podcasts and audio books.  Most of the podcasts were related to iOS, a platform I’m quite passionate about.

  • Ramadan Witr Duah from the Haram

    Ramadan Witr Duah from the Haram

    Glory to the One who is Lord of all lords; Glory to the One who facilitates all means; Glory to the One whose throne is in the heavens, and in the earth is His authority ; glory to the One whom no creature of this life can see, and Whom no sense can perceive; and Whom description seekers cannot perceive;…

  • do what you love

    do what you love

    figure out what you enjoy and do that.  If money is what motivates you start planning for a miserable life. When you start trying to do what you think you enjoy, you are bound to come across many, many barriers.  Some of those will seem insurmountable. The key is, to realize the barriers are actually…

  • Musa (Moses), Khidr, and Sabr (patience)

    Musa (Moses), Khidr, and Sabr (patience)

    Allah (SWT) revealed the Quran as a reminder and as a guidance for mankind. So while some things we hear in the recitation might make us think, ‘wow that’s so cool’, there is also always a lesson to be learned. Today as Hammad Hai was reciting Surah Al-Kahf, and Allah narrates the story of Khidr…

  • Gunshot


    My eyes are filled with the vastness of the pale sky.  It’s cloudy but the clouds are high up so all I see is this bleached out white/blue color of the sky staring back at me.  My lungs are on fire.  Liquid fills my throat and as I gag I try not to panic wondering…