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  • refactor your heart (or, “how not to collapse on the road with cramping triceps while trying to learn the Swift Programming Language”)

    Focus beyond the target

    I came across this post by Janie Clayton-Hasz where she paints a frightening picture of her spending every waking hour, plus hours where she is supposed to be sleeping, engaged in an epic struggle to ingest the vast sea of knowledge that is the iOS development platform.  I didn’t get it; I asked her on twitter […]

  • do what you love

    the path to beauty is surrounded by thorns

    figure out what you enjoy and do that.  If money is what motivates you start planning for a miserable life. When you start trying to do what you think you enjoy, you are bound to come across many, many barriers.  Some of those will seem insurmountable. The key is, to realize the barriers are actually […]

  • Scary Movies

    The Conjuring

    A friend of mine recently posted on his Facebook page the following: The Conjuring was an immensely entertaining horror film in the tradition of the flicks from the early 1970s… that my folks used to watch at the time… with me. To the family who brought your FOUR little kids to the screening, I’d ask […]

  • driving my dad

    JE Import Performance bringing my teg back after a test drive. Lowered stance, stiffened suspension, sweet, low growl.

    When I drive with my dad as a passenger, he is typically grabbing the dashboard in fear and repeating the phrase “aram karo!” (Urdu for ‘take it easy!’) over and over. That’s when I’m driving the speed limit or slower, and taking care to shift as gentle as I can, and with the EDFC set […]

  • Why all Police should be required to undergo martial arts training

    defending against a sword with a paper fan

    Martial arts offer a lot of benefits, mental, health, self-defense, etc.  If everyone in society studied martial arts seriously society overall would probably be in a better condition.  In some societies, martial arts is part of the regular school curriculum.  But, incidents like this one, where a young man armed with a knife and surrounded […]

  • Gunshot

    My eyes are filled with the vastness of the pale sky.  It’s cloudy but the clouds are high up so all I see is this bleached out white/blue color of the sky staring back at me.  My lungs are on fire.  Liquid fills my throat and as I gag I try not to panic wondering […]