Green birds beneath the Throne

I keep wanting to say things to you
I keep wanting to share things with you
I keep forgetting that you are gone
I’m dreaming about you
I’m thinking about how beautiful you’ll be
With your hair long and dark and curly like that, the curls that twist about in my fingers and bouncing around
Your smiling eyes like those days when you were happy

Those few days so long ago

And now I can’t wait to join you
Flying around under the throne
Green birds with feathers like iridescent pearls

Every time I turn the corner
My heart lurches with the pain of your absence

I see your legacy all around me
I see the crowns you’ve left behind
I’m crying tears of longing but I know
You’re happy and urging us on

We’ll be bleeding from fresh wounds until the end of time
Not every warrior carries a sword

The fragrance of midnight jasmine filling our room
Soft sand between our toes
The music of waves crashing upon shores without end

So be patient my love
Endure and be more patient
Indeed every soul shall taste of death

(written June 9, 2021 in memoriam of my beloved wife, may she find respite among the shuhadah)

Photo by Gabriel on Unsplash


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