When I was driving back and forth every week from Maryland to Atlanta I would listen to a slew of podcasts and audio books.  Most of the podcasts were related to iOS, a platform I’m quite passionate about.  One of them, Brennan Dunn’s podcast, was more business focused and I didn’t listen that often mainly because new episodes weren’t forthcoming very often, at the time.  Now that I’m local, I still drive around listening to podcasts and audio books, but my listening has become much more focused.  I don’t have time for podcasts that might have been interesting but were super long, like Debug.  And this year, I’m refocusing my business strategy.  Therefore, it seems, my listening habits have shifted.  Currently I’m binge-listening to the entire season 1 of Philip Morgan’s podcast, I just got through his book.  Here’s what I’m listening to, now:


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Published by Fuad Kamal

Principal & lead architect of Anaara, Fuad develops enterprise native iOS applications for companies such as First Data & major telecom companies. He also mentors iOS & Swift for Thinkful. If you've been to any major airport in the world recently you've stared at his work - those flight arrival/departure screens are part of the Flight Information Display System (FIDS), whose interface he developed back in the day in Flash 7. In his spare time he enjoys martial arts, cycling, and photography. On rare occasion he will write poetry and work on post production for films.

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