Back in January of this year I finally signed up for Brennan Dunn’s DYFC Masterclass.  I say finally because I had it in my mind to do so, for several years now, ever since my colleague Joel Hooks gave an overwhelming testimonial for it.  When I signed up, I got DYFR for free, along with a ton of other resources.  All of the resources I received have been phenomenal.  But that has just been the icing on the cake.  The real benefit, I think has been that my eyes have been opened, my horizons have been considerably widened.  I’ve lost track of the number of times I’ve recently thought, “I wish I had learned this stuff ten years ago…I’ve been doing it all wrong”.  If you’re a freelancer or a consultant (of any type – not just software development) I do highly recommend Brennan Dunn’s courses.  Maybe at some point I will elaborate more on the overall experience, including how being surrounded and mentored by successful entrepreneurs is a lot less sucky than figuring this stuff out on your own.  But here I just wanted to touch upon some of the resources I have found extremely useful in learning about the optimal approach to software consulting.

Books (available in a variety of formats including audio books)

  • The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms by Philip Morgan
  • Double Your Freelancing Rate by Brennan Dunn
  • Authority by Nathan Barry
  • The Brain Audit by Sean D’Souza


Published by Fuad Kamal

Principal & lead architect of Anaara, Fuad develops enterprise native iOS applications for companies such as First Data & major telecom companies. He also mentors iOS & Swift for Thinkful. If you've been to any major airport in the world recently you've stared at his work - those flight arrival/departure screens are part of the Flight Information Display System (FIDS), whose interface he developed back in the day in Flash 7. In his spare time he enjoys martial arts, cycling, and photography. On rare occasion he will write poetry and work on post production for films.

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