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Jay Thrash (@jaythrash) is interviewed on the NSBrief podcast by Saul Mora (@casademora) during 360iDev

I previously posted a couple of times what podcasts I was listening to.  Back then, I was driving up and down the East coast every weekend between Maryland and Atlanta, so I had a lot of time to listen.  Now, my commute time is much less, thankfully.  That also means I spend less time listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and that time has a much more result-oriented focus.

Here are the Podcasts I’m currently listening to:

  1. The Business of Freelancing
  2. The RayWenderlich.com Podcast
  3. Hack the Entrepreneur
  4. Ask a Cycling Coach – TrainerRoad Podcast
  5. The iPhreaks Show
  6. Release Notes
  7. Roundabout: Creative Chaos
  8. Qalam Institute Podcast (only the Seerah series)

I seem to have shifted from listening mostly to technical iOS podcasts, to more of a business focus (though many of the business related podcasts still have an iOS background).

Here are the audiobooks I’ve recently finished, from most recent:

  1. Star Wars Aftermath
  2. The Pumpkin Plan


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