I previously posted a couple of times what podcasts I was listening to.  Back then, I was driving up and down the East coast every weekend between Maryland and Atlanta, so I had a lot of time to listen.  Now, my commute time is much less, thankfully.  That also means I spend less time listening to podcasts and audiobooks, and that time has a much more result-oriented focus.

Here are the Podcasts I’m currently listening to:

  1. The Business of Freelancing
  2. The RayWenderlich.com Podcast
  3. Hack the Entrepreneur
  4. Ask a Cycling Coach – TrainerRoad Podcast
  5. The iPhreaks Show
  6. Release Notes
  7. Roundabout: Creative Chaos
  8. Qalam Institute Podcast (only the Seerah series)

I seem to have shifted from listening mostly to technical iOS podcasts, to more of a business focus (though many of the business related podcasts still have an iOS background).

Here are the audiobooks I’ve recently finished, from most recent:

  1. Star Wars Aftermath
  2. The Pumpkin Plan


Published by Fuad Kamal

Principal & lead architect of Anaara, Fuad develops enterprise native iOS applications for companies such as First Data & major telecom companies. He also mentors iOS & Swift for Thinkful. If you've been to any major airport in the world recently you've stared at his work - those flight arrival/departure screens are part of the Flight Information Display System (FIDS), whose interface he developed back in the day in Flash 7. In his spare time he enjoys martial arts, cycling, and photography. On rare occasion he will write poetry and work on post production for films.

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