First Race

After nearly a quarter decade of riding this bike, first as my main mode of getting around in college, later designated to towing carriers and tandems, now I have raced for the first time in my life. On October 16, 2016 I raced her in the Schooley Mill cyclocross race, part of the MABRA Super8CX series.

Have been riding bikes since I was seven, in college after my $100 K-Mart steel bike was smashed by a car for the second time (another story, long story short I flipped off the bike and was fine, bike was destroyed) I dug deep and spent around $270 on my Bianchi Mainstreet. Have had that bike for almost a quarter century now, went from being my main means of getting around campus through sun, rain, sleet and snow to years later being relegated to towing bike trailers and a tandem attachment. The bike flew with me to Saudi Arabia where I was the only person in the entire region riding a bicycle while wearing a helmet, never mind I was also only one of about three Americans in all of Qasim. Continue reading “First Race”

An Open Letter to

photo by Keith Tsui


I spent many hours in the mall in Columbia, Maryland, this weekend, trying to buy a pair of prescription eyeglasses. I started with the Oakley store, where I picked out the frames I wanted. I had actually decided from your web site which frames I wanted, but the Oakley store didn’t carry those frames in the color I wanted – they said their selection was very limited because they didn’t sell the prescription frames very well. I soon found out why.

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Flickr vs Instagram

Flickr vs Instagram
Flickr vs Instagram
Flickr vs Instagram

When I ask my cycling buddies to post group ride photos to our team Flickr pool, they complain that Flickr isn’t user friendly, it’s to hard, yada yada yada.  Yeah, Flickr could definitely use some UX love.  But then they start comparing Flickr to Instagram.  OK, maybe you have a Facebook account and like to waste inordinate amounts of time on social media.  Good for you.  But as a photo sharing resource? Continue reading “Flickr vs Instagram”

Lens tests with Sony A7RII & A6000 – part I

Sony A7RII with Canon 50mm 1.2L, Sony Zeiss 24mm 1.8 E, Sony 18-200mm F3.5-6.3

I met recently with my friend Zubair outside of Tout de Sweet cafe (best espresso and pastries in the area!) to compare a few lenses against my A7RII camera body and his new A6000 camera body.  This was a series of lens tests to roughly compare the following lenses:

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Consulting – The Business Side of Software Development

Jeremy Olson (@jerols) speaking on the business side of iOS at RWDevCon

Back in January of this year I finally signed up for Brennan Dunn’s DYFC Masterclass.  I say finally because I had it in my mind to do so, for several years now, ever since my colleague Joel Hooks gave an overwhelming testimonial for it.  When I signed up, I got DYFR for free, along with a ton of other resources.  All of the resources I received have been phenomenal.  But that has just been the icing on the cake.  The real benefit, I think has been Continue reading “Consulting – The Business Side of Software Development”