Author: Fuad Kamal

  • Green birds beneath the Throne

    Green birds beneath the Throne

    I keep wanting to say things to youI keep wanting to share things with youI keep forgetting that you are goneI’m dreaming about youI’m thinking about how beautiful you’ll beWith your hair long and dark and curly like that, the curls that twist about in my fingers and bouncing aroundYour smiling eyes like those days […]

  • What’s in my bag

    What’s in my bag

    I photograph a number of tech conferences. As I was packing for 360iDev I thought it might be fun to do a ‘What’s in my bag’ post.

  • What I’m reading this week…

    What I’m reading this week…

    A quick list of what I’m reading this week: The Positioning Manual for Technical Firms v1.8 by Philip Morgan Just F#*!ING Ship by Amy Hoy RXSwift Reactive Programming with Swift by Florent Pillet et al audiobook version of Rework by Jason Fried , David Heinemeier Hansson On order: hardcover edition of in camera by Gordon Laing

  • First Race

    First Race

    Have been riding bikes since I was seven, in college after my $100 K-Mart steel bike was smashed by a car for the second time (another story, long story short I flipped off the bike and was fine, bike was destroyed) I dug deep and spent around $270 on my Bianchi Mainstreet. Have had that […]

  • An Open Letter to

    An Open Letter to

    Dear, I spent many hours in the mall in Columbia, Maryland, this weekend, trying to buy a pair of prescription eyeglasses. I started with the Oakley store, where I picked out the frames I wanted. I had actually decided from your web site which frames I wanted, but the Oakley store didn’t carry those […]

  • Flickr vs Instagram

    Flickr vs Instagram

    When I ask my cycling buddies to post group ride photos to our team Flickr pool, they complain that Flickr isn’t user friendly, it’s to hard, yada yada yada.  Yeah, Flickr could definitely use some UX love.  But then they start comparing Flickr to Instagram.  OK, maybe you have a Facebook account and like to […]

  • incredible detail

    incredible detail

    I know I’ve gone on and on about this before, but the resolution, quality and detail in the image files coming off of the Sony A7RII blow my mind every time I work with them.

  • Sony A7RII + Canon Glass

    Sony A7RII + Canon Glass

    I am still so blown away by the capabilities of this camera, by the sheer amount of detail.  Shooting with a 50mm prime feels like you have the resolving power of the hubble telescope, only hand-held.

  • Lens tests with Sony A7RII & A6000 – part I

    Lens tests with Sony A7RII & A6000 – part I

    Hey, I can see inside your eyeball through your sunglasses! -a series of lens tests with the Sony A7RII & A6000 camera bodies.

  • You don’t take a photograph

    You don’t take a photograph

    You don’t take a photograph, you make it -Ansel Adams