Flickr vs Instagram
Flickr vs Instagram

When I ask my cycling buddies to post group ride photos to our team Flickr pool, they complain that Flickr isn’t user friendly, it’s to hard, yada yada yada.  Yeah, Flickr could definitely use some UX love.  But then they start comparing Flickr to Instagram.  OK, maybe you have a Facebook account and like to waste inordinate amounts of time on social media.  Good for you.  But as a photo sharing resource?  Instagram downsizes and degrades your images.  Flickr provide a platform for posting high resolution images.  And unlike Facebook they don’t claim ownership rights over all your content.  Honestly there is no comparison.  So, to my cycling buddies, go knock yourselves out with whatever works for you.  Everything has it’s uses, just bear in mind the differences.



-Instagram is owned by Facebook.  Facebook owns anything you post according to the terms of their services agreement.  They are free to use and sell whatever you post.

-Flickr is owned by Yahoo.  Posting your images on Flickr does not grant Yahoo any rights over your images.


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