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from one of my LinkedIn contacts (re-posted with permission):

Hello Mr. Kamal,Thanks for adding me to your professional network. I’m a student at Marymount University, and I’m pursuing my master degree in interior design. I’m taking a course in professional practice this semester, and working on a business plan project! My business plan is about creating an application to be used on by interior designers from all levels (beginners, intermediates, and professionals). since you’re a professional in this field, I want to ask your help! I have several questions: Read More
The Conjuring

Scary Movies

A friend of mine recently posted on his Facebook page the following:

The Conjuring was an immensely entertaining horror film in the tradition of the flicks from the early 1970s… that my folks used to watch at the time… with me.

To the family who brought your FOUR little kids to the screening, I’d ask you if you’re nuts, but I’ll just assume your kids will grow up to be Islamic scholars.

(this same friend has been working on his doctorate in Islamic Studies for a number of years…and he was born in 1971…)

My youngest couldn’t sit through Legend of the Guardians, How to Train Your Dragon (and most other kids films) without crying uncontrollably, when she was five – we had to turn it off. Now that she’s six she can handle it a little better but she still has to ask me for reassurance to make sure the good guys are going to live through to the end of the film – this happened the day after Eid with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. These are kids who don’t normally watch much TV. I guess being exposed to violence and killing on TV on a daily basis tends to desensitize a person, especially at a young age.


JE Import Performance bringing my teg back after a test drive. Lowered stance, stiffened suspension, sweet, low growl.

driving my dad

When I drive with my dad as a passenger, he is typically grabbing the dashboard in fear and repeating the phrase “aram karo!” (Urdu for ‘take it easy!’) over and over. That’s when I’m driving the speed limit or slower, and taking care to shift as gentle as I can, and with the EDFC set to make the suspension as cushy as possible. I’m pretty sure if I drove the way I normally do with him in the car he would have an instant heart attack. He did seemed impressed with the engine revving, though, strangely ironic.

defending against a sword with a paper fan

Why all Police should be required to undergo martial arts training

Martial arts offer a lot of benefits, mental, health, self-defense, etc.  If everyone in society studied martial arts seriously society overall would probably be in a better condition.  In some societies, martial arts is part of the regular school curriculum.  But, incidents like this one, where a young man armed with a knife and surrounded by an entire crowd of police officers, is shot nine times and then tasered, indicate that for police officers, rigorous martial arts training should be part and parcel of their training.  It only makes sense – they are supposed to uphold the law, and sometime they need to use force to do that – therefore they need to be trained in martial arts.  Not only would an officer in this type of situation know how to disarm the boy without serious harm to either of them, but he wouldn’t be scared out of his mind.  That’s right – after watching the video of the shooting, it seems to me that the officer who shot the boy was scared witless.  Why else would he fire on the kid from a distance, repeatedly?  If he did need to shoot (and he didn’t), a single shot should have been enough to disable the boy.  But really? Count the number of police officers in the video.  There are at least fifteen, maybe more.  Even if they took him on with nothing but their hands they should have been able to subdue him.  But, they are armed with more than just firearms – they have batons, which have a lot longer reach than a knife, and apparently, they had tasers as well, since they tased him as he lay in a pool of his own blood.  This cop was scared.  Scared in a way that doesn’t even make sense – kind of like certain people who when they see a spider, or a snake, freak out and start screaming uncontrollably.

Martial arts training might have given him a better sense of confidence, a sense of calm in dealing with the situation rather than freaking out an unloading his clip into a kid holding a knife thirty yards away.

In contrast check out this video, where an officer disarms a much more violent knife attacker without shooting the assailant.

Musa & Khidr

Musa (Moses), Khidr, and Sabr (patience)

Allah (SWT) revealed the Quran as a reminder and as a guidance for mankind. So while some things we hear in the recitation might make us think, ‘wow that’s so cool’, there is also always a lesson to be learned. Today as Hammad Hai was reciting Surah Al-Kahf, and Allah narrates the story of Khidr and Musa, it occurred to me that there is more to this than simply the amazing story of Khidr’s actions and the surprising reasons/wisdom behind them. When Musa first encounters Khidr, Khidr tells him, you won’t be able to have sabr (patience, forebearance) with me, and then he says, and how can you have sabr regarding that do which you have no knowledge?

When he said this, I got to thinking – Allah (SWT) tests each of us all the time. Sometimes when things go south for us, we get frustrated, and we complain – even if only to Allah (SWT). But we also know that these trials are for our own benefit – we are supposed to improve as a result. So it occurred to me, that at the time of fitnah, we lose sight of this, because we have no knowledge of how Allah (SWT) is testing us. Therefore, we lose the opportunity for sabr by complaining in our short sightedness.

Indeed, Allah (SWT) is with as Sabirun.

Crumplepop Finisher

Crumplepop Finisher plug-in for Final Cut X – a real-use review

Crumplepop makes plug-ins for Final Cut X, as well as for Final Cut 7 & 6.  I picked up a bunch of their plugins for Final Cut X a while back.  The effects they apply have a great look, but that’s not really what this review is about. To see what plug-ins they offer and before/after demos, you can have a look at their website.   In this review, I want to look at the impact of using one of their plugins, Finisher, has on  the FCP edit and render workflow, as this may have a more relevant impact on whether or not you choose to use this plugin. Read More


My eyes are filled with the vastness of the pale sky.  It’s cloudy but the clouds are high up so all I see is this bleached out white/blue color of the sky staring back at me.  My lungs are on fire.  Liquid fills my throat and as I gag I try not to panic wondering where my next breath is going to come from.  The echo of the explosion from the gunshot is still fading from my hearing, but dimly somewhere I think I heard sirens, or maybe those were screams.  I’m not sure.  Are those flashes of red and white lights from an emergency vehicle or is this what I’m seeing as my brain starves for oxygen?

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learning iOS development from a Flash Platform perspective

I held off diving into learning C, Objective C, and native iOS development for a long time. There were a number of things that made the task seem daunting, and some carrots that Adobe had dangled in front of us Flash platform developers that made it seem unnecessary at first. In retrospect, it’s a good thing I waited, and furthermore now is the best time for Flash platform developers who haven’t yet gotten into native iOS to dive in headfirst. Read More