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  • Green birds beneath the Throne

    I keep wanting to say things to youI keep wanting to share things with youI keep forgetting that you are goneI’m dreaming about youI’m thinking about how beautiful you’ll beWith your hair long and dark and curly like that, the curls that twist about in my fingers and bouncing aroundYour smiling eyes like those days […]

  • my first commercial license sale on 500px

    Dhikr (remembrance). Photo by Fuad Kamal, commercially available on http://500px.com/fuad2

    I just made my first commercial license sale on 500px.  

  • Musa (Moses), Khidr, and Sabr (patience)

    Musa & Khidr

    Allah (SWT) revealed the Quran as a reminder and as a guidance for mankind. So while some things we hear in the recitation might make us think, ‘wow that’s so cool’, there is also always a lesson to be learned. Today as Hammad Hai was reciting Surah Al-Kahf, and Allah narrates the story of Khidr […]