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Back in January of this year I finally signed up for Brennan Dunn’s DYFC Masterclass.  I say finally because I had it in my mind to do so, for several years now, ever since my colleague Joel Hooks gave an overwhelming testimonial for it.  When I signed up, I got DYFR for free, along with a ton of other resources.  All of the resources I received have been phenomenal.  But that has just been the icing on the cake.  The real benefit, I think has been Read More

A Fighter's Heart

A Fighter’s Heart

I’m over half-way done reading A Fighter’s Heart: One Man’s Journey Through the World of Fighting by Sam Sheridan, a Harvard grad who decided to try his hand at MMA. I thought I would try to google up the video of his fight in Thailand that was shot by National Geographic, and came across an interview of him on The Daily Show. It was hilarious…

Also found this interview of him, but no luck on the National Geographic Show (A Fighting Chance).

Still no sign of the martial arts video (or any MAX related video, for that matter) from the guys at the Yahoo! Developers Network. No wonder they wanted me to go kick the Google! guys in the head…I guess they realize they can’t compete with them. 😛

Update: Found no way to (nicely) link to my review of the book on LinkedIn, so posting it here:

I found this book insightful and revealing. It also made me realize that I need to be careful when selecting a jujitsu club to train at as injuries seem quite common and depending on the severity and/or type, can hamper an individual for the rest of his life. Sam Sheridan gives a revealing look behind the scenes of boxing, muay thai, brazillian jujitsu and other martial arts, especially from the perspective of what goes on ‘behind the scenes’ in the competitive arena. He illuminates things fans of sports and martial arts don’t always appreciate, like the unfair way boxing matches are arranged, the brutal nature of muay thai and the fact that those who participate in the sport mostly do so from a economically desperate situation.