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  • Google Analytics & Swift

    Google Analytics & Swift

    I’m working on an iOS app written entirely in Swift that uses the Google Analytics library.  At Google I/O 2015 they announced full support for Swift and even CocoaPods (which doesn’t actually work if any of your other libraries use_frameworks! – but they are working on that and it’s not a trivial fix).  The initial intro…

  • WWDC 2015 Session Notes: WebKit

    WWDC 2015 Session Notes: WebKit

    Some quick notes on the WWDC 2015 session,  What’s New in Web Development in Webkit and Safari

  • this week’s iOS related resources

    this week’s iOS related resources

    This week’s resources relate to putting together your UI in Interface Builder – Auto Layout, Adaptive Layout, Size Classes, Dynamic Text, and mastering the Interface Builder IDE.  Additionally, we touched on architectural design patterns (MVC, MVVM, etc.).  Finally, most of my students are starting to struggle with networking via the AFNetworking library, and using Objective-C…