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  • my best shot


    The day I got my DSLR, many years ago, I took a bunch of test shots having no clue what I was doing.  One of those shots I have always considered my best photo, ever, even though it was totally random and lucky.  As of yesterday, that shot has been replaced as my favorite shot […]

  • iOS rapid #photog workflow

    rule of thirds

    I don’t always lug my DSLR around with me, but I almost always have my old iPhone 4S on hand.  I’ve often commented at how amazed I am by the image quality from such an antiquated mobile device.  Recently a friend was asking how I got my images to come out so great from the iPhone, […]

  • Why I think my next (non-iPhone) camera will be a Fuji

    fuji x100s

    I currently shoot with a Canon 5D Mark I with a 50mm 1.2L (and occasionally a 35 mm 1.4L).  My other camera of choice and convenience is an iPhone 4S.  I’m actually frequently amazed at just how good shots I can get with such an old iPhone camera…I can’t wait to upgrade to the iPhone […]

  • my first commercial license sale on 500px

    Dhikr (remembrance). Photo by Fuad Kamal, commercially available on

    I just made my first commercial license sale on 500px.  

  • Velocipede Bike Camp – three days of struggle that made us stronger

    cycling in and around Lost River State park

    Team Velocipede organized a three day bike camp in Lost River State Park.  Apparently the river is called ‘lost’ because it disappears underground somewhere and comes back up, or at least that’s what I think based on a big wooden sign we blew by on the bikes.  We didn’t stop so it was hard to […]

  • Adobe Lightroom Mobile – first impressions

    Adobe Lightroom Mobile (screenshot)

    Yesterday Adobe announced the release of Lightroom Mobile.  This has been a while coming…we have been eagerly awaiting it’s release but nobody outside of Adobe had any idea when it would finally hit.  I had to download and take it for a spin right away.

  • “what camera should I buy?”

    X100 vs EOS M

    I recently forwarded an article about the new Canon M2 to a friend of mine who I know has been shopping around for a camera for quite a while.  He wants a good camera and a limited budget is a strong factor for him.  I previously (and still do) recommended he get a Fujifilm X100s. […]

  • Egypt HD | Primelapse

    Egypt Night Sky Timelapse

    Egypt HD is a short film exploring the most amazing and exotic locations in Egypt.

  • Crumplepop Finisher plug-in for Final Cut X – a real-use review

    Crumplepop Finisher

    Crumplepop makes plug-ins for Final Cut X, as well as for Final Cut 7 & 6.  I picked up a bunch of their plugins for Final Cut X a while back.  The effects they apply have a great look, but that’s not really what this review is about. To see what plug-ins they offer and […]

  • Triggertrap Mobile Review: Part 1

    Triggertrap Mobile iOS app

    I’ve been meaning to write a review up on Triggertrap for quite a while now but a number of things have been getting the way of letting me do it. Part of the reason is the task was quite daunting – Triggertrap is not a simple app or a tool with just one or a […]