when can I haz photos?!?

raspberry picking

If I could get a copy or what you shot – one way or another (flickr, Dropbox, etc.) that would be great.  Sometimes I find that even ‘not so great’ shots / blurry etc. can be cropped or adjusted to make for a cool photo.


Hi <redacted>, just a quick note –

Those “not so great shots” you mention – those are occasional  mistakes that don’t make it off my camera.  I only shoot candid shots, as well – you might notice that about the photos I post.  I might not shoot for National Geographic etc. like some of my dear friends, but photography is still an art form for me.  If you crop or adjust my photos I would feel the same way Van Gogh would feel if you did that to one of his paintings.  😉
Thanks for your understanding and patience.
Fuad Kamal
Anaara LLC
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behance: https://www.behance.net/fuadkamal
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photography: http://500px.com/fuad2

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