Month: July 2015

  • Google Analytics & Swift

    Google Analytics & Swift

    I’m working on an iOS app written entirely in Swift that uses the Google Analytics library.  At Google I/O 2015 they announced full support for Swift and even CocoaPods (which doesn’t actually work if any of your other libraries use_frameworks! – but they are working on that and it’s not a trivial fix).  The initial intro…

  • iOS rapid #photog workflow

    iOS rapid #photog workflow

    I don’t always lug my DSLR around with me, but I almost always have my old iPhone 4S on hand.  I’ve often commented at how amazed I am by the image quality from such an antiquated mobile device.  Recently a friend was asking how I got my images to come out so great from the iPhone,…

  • Behind Flash Platform

    Behind Flash Platform

    Peter Elst has hit the nail on the head with this article.

  • Ramadan Witr Duah from the Haram

    Ramadan Witr Duah from the Haram

    Glory to the One who is Lord of all lords; Glory to the One who facilitates all means; Glory to the One whose throne is in the heavens, and in the earth is His authority ; glory to the One whom no creature of this life can see, and Whom no sense can perceive; and Whom description seekers cannot perceive;…