My last couple of rides, I started out taking one of my kids with me for a short distance on the road – basically as far as the respective kid was able to ride.  When I ride with the kid, I take my hybrid Bianchi, and afterward I head out on my own ride.  Afterward, when I download the ride data from the Garmin Edge to the computer, both activities appear as laps in the same activity.  I had wrongly assumed that powering off the Garmin until my second ride would reset it to record a new activity.  Deleting the first lap didn’t help, either, because it takes out the initial piece of my second ride that overlaps with the first ride.  After a bit of googling, I realized I should have just read the owner’s manual.  To record a second activity in the same day, you need to hold down the Lap/Reset button for about three seconds.  Oh well, at least I know that moving forward.

Published by Fuad Kamal

Principal & lead architect of Anaara, Fuad develops enterprise native iOS applications for companies such as First Data & major telecom companies. He also mentors iOS & Swift for Thinkful. If you've been to any major airport in the world recently you've stared at his work - those flight arrival/departure screens are part of the Flight Information Display System (FIDS), whose interface he developed back in the day in Flash 7. In his spare time he enjoys martial arts, cycling, and photography. On rare occasion he will write poetry and work on post production for films.

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