recording multiple activities in the same day with Garmin Edge

My last couple of rides, I started out taking one of my kids with me for a short distance on the road – basically as far as the respective kid was able to ride.  When I ride with the kid, I take my hybrid Bianchi, and afterward I head out on my own ride.  Afterward, when I download the ride data from the Garmin Edge to the computer, both activities appear as laps in the same activity.  I had wrongly assumed that powering off the Garmin until my second ride would reset it to record a new activity.  Deleting the first lap didn’t help, either, because it takes out the initial piece of my second ride that overlaps with the first ride.  After a bit of googling, I realized I should have just read the owner’s manual.  To record a second activity in the same day, you need to hold down the Lap/Reset button for about three seconds.  Oh well, at least I know that moving forward.

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