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  • Getting Past Your Past

    Getting Past Your Past

    Years ago, through a business mentorship program, Double Your Freelancing with Brennan Dunn, I found out about, and started following fellow author and program graduate, Nathan Barry. In one of his podcast episodes, Nathan says something like, “everyone should get therapy”. His context was that everyone should speak regularly with a therapist, a mentor, a…

  • An Open Letter to

    An Open Letter to

    Dear, I spent many hours in the mall in Columbia, Maryland, this weekend, trying to buy a pair of prescription eyeglasses. I started with the Oakley store, where I picked out the frames I wanted. I had actually decided from your web site which frames I wanted, but the Oakley store didn’t carry those…

  • 5 years of iOS

    5 years of iOS

    A really nice insight following how Ash Furrow got into iOS development and contracting.  I would urge any new aspiring iOS developers to read this.  It’s a lot easier than you might think to get started.  I think some important take-away lessons are: scratch your own itch – think of a simple app idea that solves a…