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  • Sony A7RII + Canon Glass

    Sony A7RII w/Canon 50mm 1.2L

    I am still so blown away by the capabilities of this camera, by the sheer amount of detail.  Shooting with a 50mm prime feels like you have the resolving power of the hubble telescope, only hand-held.

  • Videography on iPhone 6 plus

    iphone 6 plus optical stabilization

    If I were a pro video guy I would go out and get an iPhone 6 plus for no reason mother than the mind blowing video capabilities on this thing. Optical image stabilization?!? Yeah the lens actually moves. Here’s an article about an App for pro 4K production on iPhone: Hands-on with the $1000 Vizzywig […]

  • A new level of Bokeh in film/video…nice application of the Canon 5D MkII

    Canon 5D Mark I

    When I first started watching this video, my immediate thought on seeing the head shots of the little girl were, ‘what lens is that?!? It looks like the 50mm 1.2 L series on my 5D, only this is video I’m watching!’ (I might be wrong about the lens, but yeah, that is seriously what went […]