The Conjuring

Scary Movies

A friend of mine recently posted on his Facebook page the following:

The Conjuring was an immensely entertaining horror film in the tradition of the flicks from the early 1970s… that my folks used to watch at the time… with me.

To the family who brought your FOUR little kids to the screening, I’d ask you if you’re nuts, but I’ll just assume your kids will grow up to be Islamic scholars.

(this same friend has been working on his doctorate in Islamic Studies for a number of years…and he was born in 1971…)

My youngest couldn’t sit through Legend of the Guardians, How to Train Your Dragon (and most other kids films) without crying uncontrollably, when she was five – we had to turn it off. Now that she’s six she can handle it a little better but she still has to ask me for reassurance to make sure the good guys are going to live through to the end of the film – this happened the day after Eid with Chitty Chitty Bang Bang. These are kids who don’t normally watch much TV. I guess being exposed to violence and killing on TV on a daily basis tends to desensitize a person, especially at a young age.


Crumplepop Finisher

Crumplepop Finisher plug-in for Final Cut X – a real-use review

Crumplepop makes plug-ins for Final Cut X, as well as for Final Cut 7 & 6.  I picked up a bunch of their plugins for Final Cut X a while back.  The effects they apply have a great look, but that’s not really what this review is about. To see what plug-ins they offer and before/after demos, you can have a look at their website.   In this review, I want to look at the impact of using one of their plugins, Finisher, has on  the FCP edit and render workflow, as this may have a more relevant impact on whether or not you choose to use this plugin. Read More

Canon 5D Mark I

A new level of Bokeh in film/video…nice application of the Canon 5D MkII

When I first started watching this video, my immediate thought on seeing the head shots of the little girl were,

‘what lens is that?!? It looks like the 50mm 1.2 L series on my 5D, only this is video I’m watching!’ (I might be wrong about the lens, but yeah, that is seriously what went through my head)

Hannah & Leonard

Hannah & Leonard

Sure enough, on the right margin of the web page, it says ‘production tools: Canon 5D MkII, Adobe After Effects’

This has got to change the playing field in the flim industry.