Month: September 2015

  • Swift 2 Unit Testing & UI Testing Resources

    Swift 2 Unit Testing & UI Testing Resources

    Starting to write unit tests in Swift 2 / Xcode 7 so thought I would keep a list of resources and share.  Plan to keep this post updated as I find more.  Feel free to ping additional resources in the comments!   Talk by Jorge Oritz  Real World Mocking in Swift (April 2016) brief overview…

  • Eid ul Adha

    Eid ul Adha

    There are three life experiences I’ve had, that I strongly feel every adult should experience.  They are things that have opened my eyes to reality in a way that only experience can do; knowing something by being taught it or hearing about it is never the same as experiencing it for yourself.

  • my best shot

    my best shot

    The day I got my DSLR, many years ago, I took a bunch of test shots having no clue what I was doing.  One of those shots I have always considered my best photo, ever, even though it was totally random and lucky.  As of yesterday, that shot has been replaced as my favorite shot…