Apple Watch

watch_hero_2xI started getting a little overwhelmed with all the Apple Watch resources cropping up everywhere.  Normally I would keep track of this stuff in Evernote, but since this is s a topic of wide interest I thought it might be nice to share it publicly.  I’ll be updating this list frequently.  I’ve split it into resource categories: design (graphics), development (programming), and physical (material comparisons, 3D models etc), and blogs.

Design Resources

Apple Watch HIG

Michael Flarup’s Apple Watch Icon Template

Chronicons: 113 icons for WatchKit apps (Includes Sketch source) 

Designing for the Apple Watch with Briefs

Glyphish for WatchKit – icons

Featured WatchKit Apps (Apple)

Programming Resources

WatchKit Developer Guide

Ray Wenderlich book on Watch Kit!

“WatchKit: The Text Input and Dictation API is Available!” 

Physical Resources

The all-in-one Apple Watch spreadsheet

iMore – physical comparison article

Mix your Watch – mix and match Apple Watch bodies & bands

Size comparison – scale template you can print out


Five Minute Watch Kit

WatchKit Resources

As I learn WatchKit

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